Operative Neuroanatomy Course – ONA

Dr. Eduardo Ribas | Dr. Ahsan Ali Khan
Director | Co-Director

Under the patronage of Neuroanatomy legend Prof. Guilherme Ribas, the Operative Neuroanatomy course will have experts from all over the world. This course will cover all the neuroanatomy topics which are applied to neurosurgery.

Patron: Prof. Guilherme C. Ribas
Course Director: Dr. Eduardo Ribas
Course Co-Director: Dr. Ahsan Ali Khan

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Upcoming Sessions:

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List of sessions | 2022

1. Microsurgical Anatomy of Cerebral Surface and Cranio Cerebral Key Points
By: Prof. Guilherme Carvalhal Ribas
July 29, 2022
2. Microsurgical Anatomy of the Central Core of the Brain
By: Dr. Eduardo Carvalhal Ribas
August 5, 2022
3. Operative Ventricular Anatomy
By: Prof. Syed Ather Enam
August 26, 2022
4. Applied Microsurgical Anatomy of the Frontal & Occipital Lobes for Frontal & Occipital Lobectomies
By: Leila Maria da Roz
September 16, 2022
5. Microsurgical Anatomy of the Temporal Lobe
By: Prof. Wen Hung Tzu
October 7, 2022
6. Microsurgical Anatomy of Supracerebellar Approach and its Variants
By: Dr. Abuzer Gungor
December 2, 2022

List of sessions | 2023

7. Integrating Neuroanatomy, Neuromonitoring, and Mapping strategies in Brain Surgery
By: Dr. Christian Brogna
January 27, 2023
8. Microsurgical Applied Anatomy for AVM Neurosurgery
By: Prof. Feres Chaddad Neto
April 28, 2023

List of sessions | 2024

9. Applied surgical anatomy to posterior fossa
By: Dr. Mateus Reghin Neto
March 15, 2024