Core Faculty

Our core faculty includes Neurosurgery Professors from academic institutions all over Pakistan. This category also consists of those outstanding neurosurgeons who have not received the title of Professor yet, but have demonstrated remarkable scholarship (published at least 30 PubMed indexed papers) and are involved in teaching and training. Because there are no elections or hierarchy in PANS, the core faculty will serve as the apex body. They will help us steer our mission to educate and train young neurosurgeons in a resource-limited setting.

International Faculty

We collaborate with academic neurosurgeons, connected to, but practicing outside Pakistan, who’ve graciously joined hands with us to train young neurosurgeons in the country. The Academy values all international faculty members as equal partners in supporting its educational and academic mandate.

Associate Faculty

Our associate faculty members include young neurosurgeons who have graduated from neurosurgical residency within the last decade and have at least 10 PUBMED indexed publications in the field. They will be a part of the steering committee to help us set PANS up as a platform that serves and nurtures young neurosurgery enthusiasts.


These comprise enthusiastic medical students and residents from all medical schools and training hospitals in Pakistan who will assist us in spreading the word to their institutions and help us bring all neurosurgery trainees and aspiring neurosurgeons under the single umbrella of PANS.

Academic Associates

Academic associates comprise recent medical graduates and neurosurgeons-in-training – the residents and the fellows. They are involved in designing and assisting with the academic activities of PANS and collaborating with national and international experts to cultivate a culture of sharing neurosurgical knowledge.

Academic Volunteers

Our volunteers are enthusiastic medical students from the Aga Khan University, Medical College – mainly from the Neuroscience Interest Group (NSIG) and the Surgery Interest Group (SIG). They will assist the academic associates in setting up PANS as the major academy for training neurosurgery enthusiasts in Pakistan.