About Us

The Pakistan Academy of Neurological Surgery (PANS) is an of its kind academy in Pakistan that has no political agenda. It is a professional, multi-disciplinary medical organization and a learned society that is dedicated to developing a large and diverse member base comprising highly competent professionals from all parts of Pakistan and the world for evidence-based research in neurological surgery.

PANS was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of providing a multitude of opportunities for competency development in the form of academic and research collaborations, courses, webinars, and networking events. The Academy values all core faculty members as equal partners in supporting the educational and academic mandate of the Academy. There are no elections and there is no Chief or Director; the core faculty is the apex body. The society has a large member base from various medical colleges and hospitals across Pakistan. Our list of members continues to grow every day and includes Pakistan’s most renowned names and brightest minds from the field of neurological surgery. PANS comprises members who are Core Faculty, International Faculty, Associate Faculty, and Academic Associates. The energetic team behind PANS is constantly developing new learning and research programs for its members.

For more information on becoming a member and exploring opportunities at PANS, please contact us at [email protected]. To learn more about our current faculty members, please visit our faculty page.