Neurosurgery Research Alliance | NRA

Vision Statement

To foster young clinical-scientists for impactful research in resource-limited settings through a collaborative global network.

Mission Statement

To enhance patient outcomes in neurosurgical research through valuable quantitative and qualitative data obtained through the creation of a strongly integrated resource of young and innovative clinical-scientists nurtured under the right mentors, and to incubate a robust research capacity that reflects continuous evolution in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, and basic sciences within resource-limited settings.


Upcoming Sessions:

5. TBD

List of sessions:

1. Review of Good Practices in Research by Dr. Tashfeen Ahmad
September 1, 2023
2. Challenges for Mentees and Mentors: Ways to Overcome Them by Dr. John A. Bartlett
September 8, 2023
3. Departmental Review Committee Approvals – How and When by Dr. Nida Zahid
September 15, 2023
4. How To Do Meaningful Research by Dr. Hammad Ather
September 16, 2023