Raghib, Muhammad Faraz

Dr. Faraz is an Academic Associate in the Pakistan Academy of Neurological Surgery and a Research Associate in the Department of Surgery at the Aga Khan University. He is a passionate researcher and his research interests include brain tumors, stroke, epilepsy, and applications of Artificial Intelligence in medicine. He has 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has presented his work on national and international platforms in the form of 11 poster presentations thus far. Dr. Faraz previously worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Virginia where he applied data science methods to elucidate biopsy image features specific to gastrointestinal diseases and studied their correlation with ‘omics and clinical metadata and helped develop a machine learning model for predicting and diagnosing gastrointestinal diseases in the pediatric population. He also has experience in writing numerous NIH grants (D43, T32, RO1). In addition, he has mentored several Masters of Science in Data Science students, medical students, undergrad students, and Research Assistants on various multidisciplinary projects. Dr. Faraz was also the Dean’s Clinical Research Fellow at Aga Khan University. He is currently involved in designing a soft robotic ventriculostomy catheter with engineering students at the NED University. In the future, he aspires to become an interventional neurologist and help revolutionize conventional neuroscience by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.