Neuro-Oncology Webinar Series – NOWS

Dr. Omer Chohan

Pakistan Society of Neuro-Oncology (PASNO) is organizing Neuro-Oncology Webinar Series (NOWS).

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Each webinar of the NOWS will be an hour and will be held once a month. The format will be 30 to 40 minutes of lecture and the rest of the time to answering questions and discussion. There is no fee for the participants, but pre-registration will be required.

Our cardinal objective for organizing NOWS is to educate those taking care of brain tumor patients and those involved in brain tumor research. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of care & management of brain tumor patients globally, focusing on Lower-and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC).

NOWS is conducted on Zoom and the link is shared with the registered participants only.

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Upcoming Sessions:

18. TBD

List of sessions | 2022

1. Advances in Vestibular Schwannoma Management
By: Dr. Jemery Lewis & Dr. Sonikpreet Aulakh
2. Glioblastoma Multiforme: Current Medical Treatments and Future Directions
By: Dr. Olivier Rixe
3. Updates in Minimally Invasive Skull Base Surgery
By: Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz
4. From Surgery to Genomics: Dissecting Cellular and Molecular Heterogeneity of Human
By: Dr. Sara G.M. Piccirillo
5. Optimization of Glioma Surgery – A Multimodal Approach to safe maximal resection
By: Dr. Aliasgar Moiyadi
6. Neurosurgical Evaluation and Treatment of Lymphoma
By: Dr. Chad W. Washington
September 3, 2022
7. Frailty and outcome in older Neuro-oncology patients
By: Dr. Christian A. Bowers
October 1, 2022
8. IgG 4 related diseases of the head and neck
By: Dr. Ramin Hamidi
November 5, 2022
9. Neurovascular Implications in Neuro-Oncological Surgery
By: Dr. Aqueel Pabaney
December 3, 2022

List of sessions | 2023

10. Microsurgery of Acoustic Neuromas; Impact of New Technological Advancements
By: Prof. Luciano Mastronardi
January 7, 2023
11. Awake Brain Tumor Surgery, Experience from a Multicultural Setting
By: Dr. Patrick E. Vigren
February 4, 2023
12. Evolving Molecular Classification of  Embryonal Tumors of the CNS
By: Dr. Vani Santosh
March 4, 2023
13. Laser Interstitial Therapy for Brain Tumors
By: Dr. Ian Y Lee
May 16, 2023
14. Unlocking the power of sound waves: An overview of ongoing clinical focused ultrasound for the treatment of children with brain tumors
By: Dr. Hasan R. Syed
July 8, 2023
15. Long term epilepsy-associated tumors (LEATS)
By: Dr. Farhan Mirza
September 2, 2023
16. Nuances in the Neurosurgical Management of Acoustic Neuroma
By: Dr. Reid C. Thompson
November 4, 2023
17. The Changing Landscape of CNS Tumors, The Impact of Methylation
By: Dr. Maysa Al-Hussaini
January 6, 2024