Essentials of Neurosurgery – ENS 2023

From struggling to establish a separate identity of its own to become a specialty in the early 1920s and now to having subspecialties of its own, neurological surgery has had a remarkable journey, setting new records in the history of medicine. Perhaps no other branch of medicine has progressed at such an incredible pace.

The saga of neurosurgery is incredible; given its rapid evolution, it has become increasingly essential to acquaint our young minds with the rapid developments in the field.

In order to help arouse their interest and prepare the next generation of neurosurgeons, the Pakistan Academy of Neurological Surgery (PANS) has organized a 6-week course titled “Essentials of Neurosurgery” for medical students and recent medical graduates. This course is designed to familiarize the participants with various growing subspecialties of Neurosurgery and features an hour-long webinar every Saturday and Sunday.